They are on the basis of attaining a healthy body and mind through daily practice of Yoga.

There are five principles of Yoga:-

  1. Proper Relaxation: By releasing the tension from our muscles & putting the whole body at rest, your nervous system gets revitalize & make you feel relaxed & Refreshed.


  1. Proper Exercise: Proper exercise is achieved through the Yoga Postures or Asana which systematically works on all parts of our body. It also helps in stretching , toning the muscles and ligaments. Enhances the Flexibility of the Spine and joints. It improves blood circulation. Yoga Postures goes hand in hand with Proper breathing technique.
  2. Proper Breathing: Proper breathing should be deep slow, rhythmic. In Yoga, breathing exercise or Pranayama teaches you on how you can recharge your body and controls your mental status.


  1. Proper Diet: What you eat affects your mind and body. Proper and balanced diet is one that nourishes both our mind and body. It also helps our skin and hair.
  2. Positive Thinking and Meditation: Practice keeping a positive thinking in life, which will facilitate in having a peaceful mind. Meditation helps you remove your negative thoughts.


So Friends, Why are you waiting for?


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