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Union Of A Healthy Mind, Soul And Body is YOGA. With So Much Pressure In Our Lives coupled with Sedentary Lifestyle, Yoga Is Very Much Important For Healthy Mind And Body. Our Mission is to help women to maintain their health and keep them fit.

Let  It be  busy moms, A Working woman Or teenage girl, We Have Suitable Batch Timings For All. Now You Don’t Need To Wait Or Think Of Getting Fit And Active. Become Part Of An Amazing Journey To get into healthy lifestyle mode.

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After years of  back problems and poor posture yoga has provided me relief and after session I notice a significant improvement. Previously I tried acupuncture, physio therapy, massage, and nothing provided me the result as yoga. I am really excited as I know as i continue I will keep  strengthening and improving my body and self awareness. A super big thanks to shubha mam who enlightened me and got me going n making such a difference in my life. Shubha mam is a one of a kind teacher who recognizes each student and adpts her classes to serve all levels. Her classes have a patience and thoughtful sequence that helps you feel confident and move safely through poses. I would recommend her to any person wanting to learn more about yoga, or about themselves. Yoga classes build  strength and body awareness while promoting healthy muscles and joints. My Favourite part is Savasana or resting pose at the end of the class because i truly feel relaxed after this…

Varsha .R

Hi Ma’am, the sessions are very helpful abd the way you conduct superb. U connected so well to understand the problem being faced.

I would not say my pair is cured because i understand my lifestyle of so many years has given me this back issues so can’t be relieved in few days  but yoga has surely given me positivity and relaxation. Best is that I had been sufferring  from insomnia which is cured to a good level. I would surely like to continue to see better results.


I joined Shubhas yoga online class in first week of August. She is an amazing teacher. There is a strong rythm in her way of teaching. As a teacher she encourages her students to weave their rythm with her and as a result post the session I feel energetic and positive. She gradually teaches variations in yoga poses post we are thoroughly acquinted with any particular pose.I think that is the usp of her teaching methodoly as like others she does not rush through any poses. I Am really looking forward to practice yoga everyday. Thank you so much for introducing me to the beautiful world of yoga.

Rani Tendulkar

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